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What's New at the Eureka Kuchen Factory?

Our other products:

1) Pfepperneuse Cookies- anise-flavored holiday cookies.Available year-round! Price: $ 9.00/pound

2) KRAUT STRUDELS (also called BARUSCHKAS or RUNZAS)-seasoned ground meat and sauerkraut rolled inside a baked strudel. Just delicious! Price: $ 4.50 each

3) KNEFLA  button-shaped dough used in soups and as a side dish. (This item cannot be shipped)



4) Homemade buns by request...  Call at least 2 days ahead!


5) Mini-Kuchens: smaller than Kuchen-4-1; sold as container tubs of 6 (we can customize your flavors!) Excellent snack food anytime.

        Price per tub: $ 9.50